"This is a quote, it's something Tomiko said at some point which was interesting and pretty cool"

— Tomiko Miyamoto

Tomiko Miyamoto is the main protagonist of the FFN anime. She's remembered for her genuine good looks, charm and ability to get out of most situations without any issue. She's also well known for being incredibly affectionate for her friends, family and the people she trusts the most, and would do anything to protect them. She believes that nothing can get in the way of true friendship, and would stay by that belief in any situation. Blood Type is A+.


Tomiko is a short, plain-looking young woman with short brown hair most commonly styled with a green bow in it's center, but occasionally worn loose as well. Tomiko dresses in a quaint and polite fashion but still manages to be the most desirable and most-lusted after female of the group.


Tomiko is very outgoing and is shown to be quite popular in the group she typically hangs around with, somehow remaining to be their leader without ever making mention of it. Friends of Tomiko typically gravitate towards her at all times and do as she wishes in most cases without being asked. She's a friendly and kind hearted individual who is known to have never had a cruel intention in her life, as far as anybody else knows...


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