"Nya, probably"

— Ozuwarudo Ito

Ozuwarudo is a new teacher at Inkei-Komon High School. Fresh out of a Tokyo college, he took the job as teacher for a school in the middle of nowhere because they were in desperate need for someone to fill an open position before the start of the school year (and a cheap place to live may have been part of the deal). Despite his sudden presence in the fairly close-knit community of Kageyama and his being the only teacher under fourty, Ozuwarudo is fairly well-received.


Ozuwarudo always wears his hair in a loose ponytail and more often than not has a grin on his face. He has small, dark eyes and thick eyebrows. His ears are pierced thrice on each side. He always wears a plain-color suit to school.


Ozuwarudo tends to crack bad jokes and laugh at just about anything, which often makes him appear immature. When it comes time to be serious he seems to become a different person, turning cool, composed and polite in the blink of an eye. He enjoys humoring the older folk of Kaneyama and will go out of his way to help or offer advice.






  • Blood Type is AB+
  • Homeroom Teacher for 1-B, teaches Literature and Art (Will also sub for Science and English)