"This is a quote, it's something Jikkyo said at some point which was interesting and pretty cool"

— Jikkyo Ueno

Jikkyo Ueno is an up-and-coming model and one of the main characters of the FFN anime. She's considered to be the most lively of the group, often extremely enthusiastic and lively, but at the same time very clumsy. Despite this, she, like Tomiko Miyamoto has extremely strong affectionate feelings for her close friends, and would even go so far as to die for them. Blood type is O+.


Jikkyo sports long purple hair commonly paired with a small pink bow. She, as one of the females of the group, is considered to be quite attractive. Knowing this, she often tries to appear trendy and wears the latest fashion, this is also due to the fact that she hopes to one day be a famous actress.


Jikkyo is extremely outgoing and is shown to be quite popular due to her career as an up and coming model and actress. She is hyperactive, impulsive and otherwise childish. Despite being considered idiotic by many, Jikkyo has been seen to have small moments of intelligence and wisdom. Despite her typically cheerful personality, Jikkyo has been mentally afflicted by by seeing her parents murdered right before her eyes. It is unclear how much the trauma has affected Jikkyo psychologically, but it is believed that the depression is what fuels her to be so overly positive in life.


A year before the start of the series, Jikkyo witnessed the murder of her family during an attempted home robbery.


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