"oh hey bug"

— Harri Ainsworth

Harri Jordan Ainsworth II is one of the main characters of the FFN anime, he's known and remembered for his difference from the other characters, as he isn't Japanese, and is actually an exchange student from Britain. Blood is O-.


Harri is a young man, standing at above average height with light brown hair and brown eyes, he tends to dress very neatly and formally, often wearing his school uniform or even a suit. He is considered to be quite handsome, a trait noted by Tomiko Miyamoto, among others.


Harri is characterized as hardworking, talented, and a natural genius. Harri generally considers himself to be more important than others, and could be considered to be quite a cruel and twisted character at times. One of his numerous faults are his deep sociopathic interior, his cynical outlook on life, his overconfidence in himself, and his belief that he is never wrong. Harri is well known for his never ending wealth, and is always one step away when you need some financial stability, but taking a loan out from Harri is a dangerous move, as even when he doesn't need the money back, he'll put immense pressure on you to return it as soon as possible.


Harri grew up in Cambridge with his upper-class family, he would often get whatever he wanted and was spoilt throughout most of his life, it's due to this that he doesn't react very well when he doesn't get what he wants. Despite this, Harri was never one to be lazy, he was home schooled before he was sent to public school, and would take extra classes and revise constantly to receive the best grades possible.


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